The Tempo Difference

Fresh from the cow to you

When it comes to milk, you are what you drink – and whatever the cow that produced the milk ingested. Tempo milk comes directly from farms in the renowned dairy region of Gippsland, Victoria, from cows who subsist on the healthiest feed and graze. That means our milk is green, clean, devoid of permeates and hormone-free.

Pot set yoghurt packed with flavour and benefits

It’s not only the scrumptious taste and texture, fresh fruits and flavours, and lack of additives, thickeners and artificial anything that sets Tempo yoghurt apart. All that is bolstered by our traditional European pot set yoghurt production method that ensures high levels of the healthy, body-friendly probiotics for which yoghurt is known.

Studies have found that some large commercial varieties of yoghurt contain as many as 9,000 times fewer probiotics than pot set yoghurt. This is a real big deal since probiotics can help benefit your lifestyle. They have been shown to improve digestive health and provide numerous additional advantages.

Tempo’s pot setting process combines ideal amounts of happy bacteria with our farm-fresh milk into individual pots, where the mixture incubates for several hours and allows the beneficial bacteria to thrive. Although this method may be more costly and time-consuming than other production methods, our yoghurt, and your health, is worth it.

Cheese that pleases the body and palate

Our wholesome cheese starts with our wholesome Australian milk, that gets better by combining the best of the traditional cheesemaking methods with advanced technology at our dairy plant. The merging of the two worlds results in cheese that pleases body and the palate – that is kosher, halal and 100-percent vegetarian.

In fact, all our dairy products carry the high quality and purity that comes with the kosher and halal processes. More people are consuming kosher products because of the rigorous standards under which they are prepared rather than religious reasons. High preparation standards also exist with halal. Tempo has already been one step ahead of the trend with dairy products that have long been kosher, halal, vegetarian and packed with the benefits and taste that always makes the difference.

What's New?

Allure is now available at selected Woolworths stores in NSW 13-Aug-2013

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Did You Know?

Tempo cottage cheese is made to a 97 years old European recipe.

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